Read on to learn more about Kenworth TruckTech+, the remote diagnostic system already in your truck and ready to help your driver and/or service technicians in the event that your truck throws a fault code on the road!


Once registered with TT+, you will be a part of a nationwide network of users and providers who are ready to assist you or your driver to get back on the road. Here's the best part: if you bought your Kenworth within the last two years, you more than likely already have TruckTech+ installed and ready to go!*


*Earlier model years may not be equipped with TruckTech+. Contact us with any questions you have!

Realtime Alerts Keep You Informed

Receive an email alert the moment a fault occurs, including:

  • The event or fault code, and the number of times it has occurred
  • The physical location of the truck when the fault occurred
  • An easy-to-read description of the fault and it's level of urgency

Informational Only
It is safe to continue operating, but make a note to check on it.

Service Soon
Vehicle is not performing as expected, but is safe to operate while the onboard diagnostics are monitoring the fault. Service should be scheduled at the next possible opportunity.

Service Now
Some faults (turbocharger faults, high fuel temperatures, ECU errors, etc.), if left unattended, could lead to a derate or worse, damage to components. The truck should get to an authorized dealer as soon as possible.

Stop Now
These faults mean exactly that - wherever the truck is, the driver should pull over and shut it down or risk damaging the engine. Faults such as these may include high oil temperature, low fuel pressure, and low oil pressure to name a few examples.

Keep in Touch with Your Service Department

Now comes the really cool part, as soon as you receive your email, our service department receives one as well, so we are aware of what is going on with your truck. If you need us, call us. We are here to help make sure you are up and running!


To get you started, we will need the names and email addresses of key people in your organization who will want or need to know if your truck is throwing a fault code on the road. Ideally, it is nice to have more than one person so there is someone else who is aware of the situation going on with your truck.


Registration Inquiries

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