Pasquale "Patsy" Alosa came to America from southern Italy in 1912. With a knack for fixing things at a time when the transportation industry was relatively new, he opened a repair shop in Concord, New Hampshire after returning from WWI in 1917. Struggling with the english language, the only words he knew at that time were "Patsy Fix!". Soon, that became his trademark around town.


Joe, one of Patsy's six children, quickly took to his father's business of "fixing" things. Growing up in his dad's shop, he eventually began working as a mechanic. In 1964 General Motors Truck Division came knocking on his door, looking for a dealer in New Hampshire. Thus began his foray into the world of being a truck dealer.


Joe subsequently signed on with Kenworth Truck Company in 1972 and moved from the little garage into a large building to accommodate the "big rigs". The Concord location remains in that same building today.


Over the coming decades, the family business grew into the states of Vermont and Maine. Today, New England Kenworth boasts Kenworth locations and 3 generations of Alosas at work.